Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sydney Alexandria's First Birthday Party

My daughter's first birthday party is what inspired me to start Alexandria's. I have an eye for detail and a knack for 'wowing', is that really a word... well I am using it anyway, my guests. I feel that anytime someone comes to my home I should show my appreciation by making them feel at home and providing them with nothing but the best; this is also a good time to try out new things and share with others! I have unofficially been in this business of event planning and execution for 3 years when I planned every detail of my wedding; it has actually been 3 years to the date seeing how this is our anniversary! Any who, I know that Sydney only turned 1 but I mean how many times will she turn 1, hopefully I do not say this every year, so I thought I would create a nice candy buffet with the things that I like to bake and decorate the most as well as bake cupcakes and make an ice cream cake which did not last long so it is not pictured. The candy buffet was a hit with the adults, it was over the top but that keen eye for detail took me there, the children were too consumed with the inflatable bouncy house and inflatable water slide that they barely came into the house! The event was a huge success and it really pushed me to pursue my passion and here I am now! I am attaching a few pictures and I hope you like! If you have ever planned a child's birthday you know how trying it can be to juggle hosting and enjoying your birthday child and guests so if you find yourself in this situation please contact me and I would love to work with you on making lasting memories!
 Candy Buffet
(Cake Pops, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Cookies, Brownies, Animal Crackers, Assorted Varieties of M&Ms and Gum Balls)
Beautiful Lady Bug Cupcakes made by yours truly

Cake Pops!!!
Flower picture decorations, these were on display in different areas of the house (do I need to say that I made these as well???)
Up close!

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  1. Love, love, love! I have an event idea, I would love ur services for! I'm serious too, I'm not just saying that cuz your my bestfriend either, lol.
    Good post, keep em' coming!