Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Comfort Food

Who doesn't like comfort food??? I know it isn't cold outside but a nice roast is fitting all year round, and is a great dish to make left overs out of! A roast is also a good way to get the kids, or the husband in my case, to eat their veggies since they can be hidden in the roast. I prepped my roast last night with onions and seasoning and placed it into the refrigerator overnight. I put the bowl into the crock pot this morning and it was perfect when I got home; I then just added peas and corn, I really tricked them with the peas. Added some sides, whipped up corn bread muffins and we had a fabulous feast of feel good food!!!

Beef roast and veggies

Collard greens!!!

 Sweet potatoes, or yams depending on who you are talking to, my Grandmother's recipe

Love my cornbread

In honor of my best friend, two kinds of potatoes... mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes (hey, its all about comfort here!) 

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  1. This meal looks Amazing!
    Where's my plate??
    Better yet, lets get those crab cakes jumpin on our next date!