Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alexandria's Stuffed Tilapia

Since it was brought to my attention that I did not achieve my goal of one new baked item to take to work for this week I decided that I would attempt stuffed Tilapia at home! This is going to be an Alexandria's specialty dish! It was wonderful, most times when people stuff a fish they will bake it but I wanted to pan sear it first because I like a crunchier, fried-like, fish then I stuffed it with crab meat and shrimp which made it so flavorful. This wonderful dish was crowned with a lemon butter caper sauce and pan seared shrimp! This dinner was so good that the hubby treated me to a Cold Stone funnel cake sundae; I usually make my own funnel cakes but I cant resist the cake batter ice cream!

This would be perfect for your next dinner party or a romantic date at home; I can come and prepare this dish for your guests while you dine and enjoy each other's company!

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