Thursday, September 6, 2012

Strawberries... Champagne... Well Count Me In!!!

I enjoy a nice glass of champagne every now and then, maybe a mimosa with breakfast on the weekends but one way to improve champagne, in my opinion, is to bake it into a cupcake and to perfect it why not add a strawberry swirl and white chocolate butter cream icing topped off with white chocolate shavings... I mean really, can you think of many better things?

Shaved white chocolate and strawberries (perfect combo)
All wrapped up with a little bow!

Little Beauties

BONUS... Cookies and brownie squares

Aren't they cute together!!!

Presentation is [almost] everything (trust me these taste better than they look, I know you are wondering how that is even possible)

Close Up... Smile
White and Milk Chocolate Chip cookies and Chocolate Brownie cookies


  1. wow!!!!!!!!! so, my birthday is on Oct. 20 and I'm having a house party... can I purchase your services for the evening??!