Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baked Chicken and Rice

This is probably one of the first dishes that I perfected and it is my husband's most requested dish. I love to pair this with rice and corn, the sweetness of the corn really balances the slight spice of the chicken. As you can probably see by now I love my onions and peppers and I really try to incorporate it in all of my recipes! Enjoy

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Burks' Anniversary Cupcakes

My weekly baked good carry-in (Alexandria's PINK velvet cupcakes) to work paid off. A coworker of mine asked me to create some cupcakes for her dear friend's anniversary. We decided on the strawberries and champagne jumbo cupcakes with vanilla butter cream icing and white chocolate monogram letters. Alexandria's is so honored to help the Burks' celebrate their first wedding anniversary and we hope they have many more wonderful years to come, Cheers!

(Since I was already baking why not make cupcakes for another friend)
 Chocolate letters will be a nice touch to your next cupcake order

That is one big cupcake!!!

Up close (The silver candy pearls are a nice elegant touch)

Congrats Mr. Burks (JB)
Congrats Mrs. Burks (AB)
Mrs. Burks cupcake all wrapped up and ready for delivery

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alexandria's PINK Velvet Cupcakes

If you are wondering what the deal is with the PINK velvet as apposed to the traditional RED velvet it is nothing more than I liked my electric pink food coloring better than plain old red... I think that is a good enough excuse. I at least gave a nod to the tradition with the classic whipped cream cheese icing! These cupcakes are very moist and light and are so cute with the pink color! I would love to serve a variety of mini homemade signature cupcakes, including Alexandria's PINK velvet cupcake, at your next event! (These look good dressed down or all dolled up in candy pearls).

All dressed up in my pink pearls and nowhere to go...


I love grilled salmon and I am a firm believer that grilling has no season! I don't have very many words for this wonderful dish made by yours truly!!! This is another wonderful intimate dinner party meal; having anything special that Alexandria's Creations can assist you with?

Celebrating Baby Mike

First off I love baby showers, what a time to be creative! A girlfriend of mine is having a baby boy and since she is a big tennis star she selected a tennis theme. With that direction I thought what about tennis balls and tennis racket cookies and a diaper cake fashioned like a tennis trophy! I really enjoyed channeling my creative energy for baby Mike's celebration and I cannot wait to meet the little guy!!!

This would have been much easier with a tennis racket cookie cutter

Chili Spaghetti

With the 'lovely' weather here in Dayton, Ohio we have had summer and fall in the past 7 days! When I think of fall foods chili is always high on my list; I eat chili all year round but it is especially tasty on a nice chilly evening, and it makes for wonderful leftovers we had chili dogs the next night. I like my chili with a medium bold flavor, not too spicy, and I like to sweeten it up with some sweet whole kernel corn. I also like to toss it over spaghetti noodles and top it with shredded cheese! Enjoy the pictures, I got to enjoy the food!

You can't have chili without cornbread

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Comfort Food

Who doesn't like comfort food??? I know it isn't cold outside but a nice roast is fitting all year round, and is a great dish to make left overs out of! A roast is also a good way to get the kids, or the husband in my case, to eat their veggies since they can be hidden in the roast. I prepped my roast last night with onions and seasoning and placed it into the refrigerator overnight. I put the bowl into the crock pot this morning and it was perfect when I got home; I then just added peas and corn, I really tricked them with the peas. Added some sides, whipped up corn bread muffins and we had a fabulous feast of feel good food!!!

Beef roast and veggies

Collard greens!!!

 Sweet potatoes, or yams depending on who you are talking to, my Grandmother's recipe

Love my cornbread

In honor of my best friend, two kinds of potatoes... mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes (hey, its all about comfort here!) 

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I was looking back through pictures in my phone and found the following things so I thought I would share! (sorry the picture quality is not the best, these pictures were taken with my cell phone)

Fried Oreos (don't knock it until you try it)
Oreo truffle cupcakes
Grilled Salmon with grilled pineapple and red onion topped with mango salsa
Baby carriage fruit salad (I made this for my baby shower!!!)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Alexandria's Creations Services

Several people have been asking me "what does Alexandria's do???" and my response has been "whatever you need me to do to make your next event memorable." Well come to find out that is really not a good answer so I thought I would list a few services offered by Alexandria's in hopes that this gets you all thinking of parties that I can customize for you! I will periodically update this list so please re-visit this post!

Miscellaneous Services

  • theme party coordination (murder mystery anyone?)
  • children's do it yourself craft/activity stations
  • event invitations and programs

Food Stations

  • create your own taco/fajita bar
  • create your own omelet station
  • create your own pasta bar
  • create your own panini station
  • create your own baked/mashed potato/potato skin station
  • s'mores station
  • create your own ice cream sundae station
  • design your own martini/mimosa station
  • root beer float bar
  • hot chocolate bar
  • decorate your own cupcake station
  • oatmeal and cereal bar
  • trail mix bar
  • nacho bar
  • create your own pizza bar
  • create your own fruit pizza bar
  • yogurt bar
  • decorate your own cookie station
  • design your own hamburger bar
  • design your own hot dog bar (Chicago dog, Reuben dog, American dog etc.)
  • chili bar (nice and warm for winter events!!!)
  • create your own caramel apple bar
  • banana split station
  • create your own cheesecake bar


  • chocolate fountain
  • jello shots
  • sweets bars
  • cookies
  • cupcakes
  • brownies
  • ice cream cakes
  • cake pops
  • brownie pops
  • deep fried Twinkies
  • deep fried Oreos (and other cookies)
  • funnel cakes
  • chocolate covered fruits
  • fruit arrangements
  • create your own ice cream sundae bar

As you can see the possibilities are boundless... remember I will customize any event for you, these were just some ideas to get you all thinking of how you can use my services

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alexandria's Stuffed Tilapia

Since it was brought to my attention that I did not achieve my goal of one new baked item to take to work for this week I decided that I would attempt stuffed Tilapia at home! This is going to be an Alexandria's specialty dish! It was wonderful, most times when people stuff a fish they will bake it but I wanted to pan sear it first because I like a crunchier, fried-like, fish then I stuffed it with crab meat and shrimp which made it so flavorful. This wonderful dish was crowned with a lemon butter caper sauce and pan seared shrimp! This dinner was so good that the hubby treated me to a Cold Stone funnel cake sundae; I usually make my own funnel cakes but I cant resist the cake batter ice cream!

This would be perfect for your next dinner party or a romantic date at home; I can come and prepare this dish for your guests while you dine and enjoy each other's company!

Strawberries... Champagne... Well Count Me In!!!

I enjoy a nice glass of champagne every now and then, maybe a mimosa with breakfast on the weekends but one way to improve champagne, in my opinion, is to bake it into a cupcake and to perfect it why not add a strawberry swirl and white chocolate butter cream icing topped off with white chocolate shavings... I mean really, can you think of many better things?

Shaved white chocolate and strawberries (perfect combo)
All wrapped up with a little bow!

Little Beauties

BONUS... Cookies and brownie squares

Aren't they cute together!!!

Presentation is [almost] everything (trust me these taste better than they look, I know you are wondering how that is even possible)

Close Up... Smile
White and Milk Chocolate Chip cookies and Chocolate Brownie cookies