Monday, October 15, 2012

Cupcake Bonanza

This weekend I worked on a 75th birthday cupcake... all that was required was chocolate cake... now I love over the top decor but for this special occasion I thought I would keep it simple and classic! The chocolate cake is moist and light with a deep milk chocolate flavor, and filled with love, I know corny but true! I topped the cupcake with white chocolate numbers and silver candy pearls, very elegant!

I also have been inspired to do something for breast cancer awareness month and what could be better for a survivor, or soon to be survivor, than Alexandria's PINK velvet cupcake in a jar! This is such a fun idea  for gift giving and I would love to customize a cupcake in a jar for your next special occasion!

Now on to my favorite part, and maybe yours too, the pictures!!!

How sweet... 75 years of life should be celebrated this way

White chocolate numbers with silver pear accents

Beauty in a box

All boxed up for the birthday guy!

Pink Velvet in a Jar... count me in!

'Save 2nd Base'

Perfection in a Jar

All tied up and ready to go

Alexandria's pays close attention to every detail

Thought I would make a special cupcake for my neighbor who is expecting!!! Love the new mommies!!! 

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