Sunday, October 21, 2012

90's Birthday Bash

What a wonderful theme for a party!!! In the 90's I was pretty young so I thought why not incorporate all the best things that I remember from the 90's and what a hit! This party was for a dear friend's 26th birthday and she really gave me liberty to make all catering decisions, she only had 2 firm requirements: JJ's chicken, who wouldn't want that, and Super Donuts, a 90's staple food for us! Besides the food I thought it would be fun to have glow stick bracelets, big costume jewelry plastic rings, knocker ball toys, bubble wands in the shape of microphones and assorted candy!!! This event was a lot of fun and I am glad Alexandria's Creations could be a part of this special occasion; memories were truly created that evening!

Think of Alexandria's for all of your catering needs, we will present a food display that is both visually enticing and palatable and all of your guests will appreciate all the thought that you put into having them at your event!

Fruit Arrangement

Look at all those goodies


I can't believe we used to eat all of this junk!

Alexandria's famous brownies supreme, always a hit

Cry baby candy... Alexandria's Creations pays close attention to all details!

Pez... really???

Kool-Aid flavored jello shots!

Stacked to perfection

If only our lunchables were this neat
The main event

I love JJ's chicken wings

I am so relieved to find out I was not the only child who loved beanie weenies!!!

Homemade pizza bagels... this would be a nice treat for children's birthdays... none of that frozen stuff here!

Super Donuts!!!

Great food!!!
In case you forgot what knocker ball toys are

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