Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Soccer Goodies

Yay for soccer and the goodies that come along with them! I had the pleasure to make 3 dozen cupcakes for a local high school soccer team and from what I hear they were a hit, I know... go figure!!!  Red velvet, Oreo and hot chocolate (for all of those cold days on the soccer field, parents know exactly what I mean).

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Oreo cupcakes with real Oreo pieces baked into the cupcake

One beautiful dozen

One dozen red velvet 

Sugar crystals really make for a classy cupcake

As do candy pearls (in a dressed up classy way)


I associate most things I love with food/drink so why not pay tribute to those cold times out on the field with a nice hot chocolate cupcake topped with marshmallows

And the soccer balls... gotta have the soccer balls

3 dozen of Alexandria's Creations ready for delivery

Love it! Contact Alexandria's Creations for your upcoming events

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