Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chicken and Waffle Cupcakes... {say it isn't so}...

I am a huge fan of the southern favorite, which thankfully is migrating its way all over, Chicken and Waffles and with my love for trying new things I didn't see a reason why this could not be adapted into a cupcake! The result... a light and fluffy vanilla buttermilk cupcake with a maple syrup glaze and a maple buttercream icing, and I forgot the best part... there is chicken baked into the middle {what a delightful surprise}. This cupcake is perfect to WOW your guests at a brunch or for any special occasion really {These babies make Monday morning worth celebrating}. I will advise that they need to be consumed immediately, I don't think that will be a problem anyway... good thing I bake everything fresh to order!

I also wanted to add that I visited Georgetown Cupcakes in Washington DC and gained so much inspiration, this visit makes me even more passionate about my craft and I will be trying out some of my recipes with new ingredients soon so stay posted!!!

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Chicken baked into the center!

Can't forget the chicken and waffle bites on top


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