Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Baking Year Thus Far

Why has it been so long since I have written a post you might ask... it sure isn't because I haven't been cooking for my family and friends but more so because I was so caught up in the holidays and then getting back into the swing of things with work at the beginning of the year, my apologies  Ooh, yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR, better late than never right? My cooking year so far has been pretty fun creating different cupcakes for different occasions though I look forward to trying new recipes whenever I can. I may go on a 4, or so, week challenge to try a new recipe each week, I think that sounds good and my co-workers will surely be happy!

Enough yapping, on to the pictures, my favorite part of any blog! I had the please of creating cupcakes and cake pops for my best friend's nephew's birthday party with a car theme. Since he was turning 4 why not monster cars instead of the traditional Disney Cars theme!

What are monster car cupcakes without a little dirt and grass???

Can we say sugar rush for the kids??? And adults possibly!!!

I also had the pleasure of making cupcakes for my neighbor's baby shower! I made her one of my chocolate with salted caramel drizzle several months ago so she had to have those and she also wanted a dozen fresh strawberry cupcakes... from what I hear they were a hit and hopefully that means more opportunities for Alexandria's Creations!

Only FRESH strawberries in these babies

Look at that drizzle!!!

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